Butterflies in Stomach

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I've heard people who fall in love often say I feel like butterflies flying in my stomach. Though i don't have any such relationships,  I have personally experienced it during some exams or  presentations. I have had thoughts as to why we get this type of feeling. 

I got the answer few days back which I would like to share with you all. I have the habit of listening to radios and not the songs from memory card. Two weeks back when I was returning from office, as usual I started listening to the f.m. 

 It was valentine's week and there were lots of jokes, news and info on love and allied topics.  I don't stick on to one station rather  keep flipping between them. Suddenly I heard a female R.J voice stating butterfly. I stopped my flipping and started listening to her keenly. I then realised she was explaining  the reason of butterfly feeling when you fall in love.

There is a scientific reason behind it. The feeling is caused by the  release of adrenaline. When one is nervous or exited adrenaline is secreted in excess. This pulls blood away from the stomach and sends it to the muscles. This reduced blood flow, in turn, causes the stomach to temporarily shut down, and is possibly the reason for reduced appetite during love sickness.

The blood that is pulled from the stomach reaches the brain via our face. And this is why when we feel exited or nervous our face turns pink. It also causes our brain to be refreshed due to abundant supply of oxygen from the blood.

The butterflies could be a mix of a few emotions, fear (I hope they like me - what if they don't?), excitement (I like this person, they are special to me), happiness (I feel good about this person), and  a few others.

One more thing I googled out is this adrenaline is also the cause for blushing. Blushing is part of the flight-or-fight response from our nervous system. Adrenaline starts pumping our heart faster and our breathing increases. Energy is redirected to our muscles to get them ready for action. They also cause our blood vessels to dilate, and this is the root of blushing. 

Science is really fascinating to read but really adventurous and thrilling only if we practically experiment it. The same holds good for love too. 

I've never had chance to explore such adventures in my life. 
Hope to ferret out both in future . . . ! 


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understood ur feelings....

April 19, 2013 9:01 pm delete

Thanks for this info.

Joy always,

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It's interesting that the feelings like blushing and butterflies are actually chemical reactions, and these chemical reactions are induced by thoughts - so, a thought leads to a feeling, and the feeling leads to the reaction in the body. Good blog.

May 15, 2013 5:04 am delete

oh wow.. bloody science and chemistry does it.


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