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This is my first Liebster Blog Award .
I  thank my friend Kaushik for nominating me. 
Here is Kaushik's Blog http://blogofkaushik.blogspot.in/2013/03/liebster-blog-award.html

Now the rules (copied and pasted)

Each person must post 11 things about themselves. (Honesty is the best Policy)

-Answer the questions that the tagger set for you .

Choose 11 people and link them in your post.

- Create 11 questions for the people you've tagged to answer.

Go to their page and tell them.

No tag backs!

11 things about my self :

1. I am a crazy, very silly person. Sometimes naughty too
2. Very orthodox Tamil Brahmin, Veg eating, Iyer girl., Not like Ananya :) ( The heroinne of Two states )
3. I'm fond of cartoons, video games. My favourite cartoons are pingu, noddy, oswald, thomas the tank engine, mr. bean, tom and jerry, scooby doo, 
fany's feet ....
4. Love to be and play with kids
5. I love curd Rice.. No wonder my friends call me as mami
6.  Fond of having pets. But i can't :(
7. Like photography, writing, rangoli
8. If some one gives an award for laziness, Im sure il bang the number 1.
9. Love to be what ever i am, and will never change for anyone
10. One thing that is both negative and positive about me is it is very dificult for me to butter polish and talk., and will tell everything frankly face to face
11. Often very childish, believe people easily.

Very difficult to analyse about my self to find eleven points... A toughest job...!

The 11 questions given to me :

1. Given a chance, what would you transform into?
I want to transform into Alice ( Alice in wonderland )

2. Who inspired you to start blogging?
My silly questions to my mom, and my friend Kaushik, Sindhu

3. What was your first post about?
My kick Start - About my new career life

4. Which season do you like and why?
I love rainy, becz i hate summer and i love to get drenched in the rain

5. Which is the naughtiest prank you have ever done?
I ve done a lot but will tell the recent one, I started my career at an leading MNC I.T firm in oct 2012. During training mobiles were not allowed to be used and have to keep them in switch off mode. Its very obvious no one will switch off the phones rite??? And rules are made to break it :)., me too have it usually in silent mode. But one day forgot, and entered into office with my mobile in normal mode itself. And it was the day of exit test for my training. When i was writing my test suddenly my mobile started ringing. My tech lead stood up from his seat with a terror look! Every one was turning around to check whose phone it was. I very well know that its my phone. But i pretended so cool as if someone's was ringing and gave a same reaction like others. Phone stopped ringing. And everyone began to do their work again. Great Escape!!!
After five mins i took out my phone and switched it off. The most comic of all is that the call was from airtel!!!! 

6. Have you understood the purpose of life?
Nope, if i have understood i would never be a naughty girl and would just be a saint. I just enjoy what ever i do and make everything i do purposeful

7. At which moment of your life, you could feel yourself flying over the clouds?
I've been a topper in tenth and twelfth class, I've got a Univ rank in my U.G too. But all these have never made me so exited. My parents are very strict and they went allow me to call or rather them to call and wish on our birthdays at mid-nit 12. But when i was in my 2nd year exactly on my b'day my parents went out of station since my dad got a best supplier award. One that day nit all my fiends called me on a conference and we spoke from 11.30 up to 2. It was the only day i felt like flying over the clouds.

8. Can you mention the most stupid tweet you have ever tweeted?
Don't have a tweet account at all. :(

9. WHY? (Give any answer that strikes your mind)
Question that always rises in my mind is why is my parents so strict in everything? But still now i'm unable to find an answer. But i've asked the same to my mom and told her u r an Hitler for me. But she said i may be your Hitler but u r my Germany :( Tough time to survive with my mom :) :)

10. Am I crazy?
Yes ofc, But only crazy people can get in touch with multitalented things as u kaushik. U write blogs, click pics, write poems, pencil sketch, and a lot more.
And as the coke adv. goes you can make anyone happy by your craziness.

11. What is the significance of the number 11 in this award? :D
Well, May be 11 is the fourth number that stays the same when written upside down.“As per numerology, ‘11’ is a master number and a source of energy that has the potential to face any kind of challenge and come out a winner.

My 11 Nominies are :

1. Gayathri Nathan
2. Karthik Margabandu
3. Aarti krishnakumar
4. Rajkiran Rajkumar
5. Ramaa Iyer
6. Ramasubramanian Alwarsamy
7. VinodVV
8. Shruti Srinivasan
9. Krishna Kumar
10. Karthick S
11. Deepa Iyer

11 questions for my Nominees:

1.What do you do on week ends?

2. Do you remember your first movie with your friends?
3. Name of your first childhood friend and how you became friend with him / her?
4. What is the recent lie that you've told to your parents or friends?
5. If you have a chance to create your own world how will your world look like?
6. If you are granted one wish by God what will you ask for?
7. What's your meaning and significance of your name?
8. Some naughty things you've done in your life
9. How do you expect your g.f or b.f to be if you are unmarried ?
10. What strikes your mind when you hear the number 10?
11.  Who is your inspiration for creating the blog?

Thanks For Your Nominations and fell pleasured since this is my first blog award!
Cheers For CBC!


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March 14, 2013 11:36 pm delete

Awesome! Got to know so many things about you (which I never knew before)
I'm very glad that I have inspired you to blog and thanks a ton for the other acknowledgements that you have given me :)
So keep posting and best wishes.
God Bless


March 15, 2013 4:17 am delete

Congrats on the award and thanks to Kaushik, we know a little bit more about you. Glad to see that inspite of your laziness, you attempted this post and answered all the questions.

Keep blogging and be happy.

Joy always,

Gayu Venkat
March 17, 2013 12:04 am delete

Thanks Susan.
Ya i don't live a balanced life..
Sometimes i'm very lazy, sometimes totally workaholic

May 04, 2013 12:55 am delete

very... very.. good gayu... very useful blog's.. keep on bloging..

Gayu Venkat
May 04, 2013 1:32 am delete

thanks george sir :)


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