My inquisitiveness

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I always keep questioning my parents right from my childhood about silly 
things like why the sky is blue and not pink or green. Sometimes they give me an 
answer but mostly i receive only scoldings  for torturing them. Even after my
20+ years do this with them.But one day my mom shouted at me and said 
"You are a graduated girl and you do ask silly questions to me. You have to 
find out and tell me these answers. And this is why we have you good education, 
bla bla bla " So that is when i started finding out answers for all my questions 
through various sources like Google,  books, grandparents... Coming to how 
i started writing blog.

I like the random thoughts that always come in my mind. I always had a thinking 
that it would be nice if my life had a rewind button. Many have a tendency to 
forget things that happened in the past. And I'm one among them too. But when 
people make me remember about those moments I feel really exited and happy. 

Right from my childhood i used to tell everything that happened that day to my 
parents whether they like it or not. But after a stage i was unable to tell to them. 
Though i said everything to my friends, no one can fill the gap of my parents. 
And this paved way for me to start writing my personal dairy. And there created a
passion for writing. Once i take my pen i pour out whatever comes in my mind.

Coming back to those silly questions, after torturing my parents i did the same 
with my friends.  They initially give me a strange look but then ask me for the
answer. Ans this is how is got a idea of blogging all my answers.

I just Remember Albert Einstein words when i complete this writing, " Learn 
from yesterday, Live for today, Hope for tomorrow, The important thing is not
to stop questioning"..

Happy Day!


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Simple truths of life. Good.

Joy always,

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I love the flow of your thoughts !! I always believe that questions are the gateway to knowledge and life !

Keep Smiling!
Keep Questioning !


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