Ring the Bell - A Train Incident

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This is one of my personal experience that happened to a woman during a train travel. Last week we ( me, dad, mom ) went on a trip to my native - Naneelam. Its a small village nearby mayavaram, that comes under thiruvarur district. After spending days, we started back to chennai. We have to board train only at mayavaram station. 
Chennai Trains

Train that we reserved was Mannai express and it reached mayavaram station at night 11.53. We luckily got our tickets confirmed in S6-67,68,70.We were damn tired  So we settled and got ready to sleep. Train started moving slowly.

Suddenly a lady with a 8 yr old (approx) girl kid boarded the train in a hurry burry. Her ticket was RAC no.45 and seat allocated was 71. We all know that RAC seats are shared by two passengers. So the 71 was allotted for another guy too. It was a side lower berth. That guy was already in a sound sleep. The lady woke him up and said politely," Sir, this seat should be shared by both of us. So please can you adjust?". That guy didn't  even respond to that lady, he simply opened his one eye, listened to her, shrinked his body, closed his face with a cloth and slept off again, as if the lady was talking to someone else. 

The scene was so pathetic,  the lady was tensed and was blinking what to do next. Everyone were just watching the scene and each one was busy with their own work. We were totally annoyed. If i were alone sure i would have shouted at that guy. But my dad started doing it. 

Dad gave a big sound at that fellow, 
"Hello mr.!!! and he tapped him harshly. Get up. Do you have any sense. The lady is standing and telling you politely, you are behaving like this to her. And that too she is standing with a kid. Don't u have an conscience that pricks you?. Get up first! 

Guy: " Hello sir this is none of your business. Mind your own work. When no one is bothered what's your problem? Why do you support her?" 

Dad : " Bloody idiot, this must have been everyone's business. And you are not even responding her." 

Guy: "I shrunk my body and gave place for her to sit. Is that not enough? If someone wakes me up, should i immediately wake up and sit still? My sleep is more important." 

The guy shrunk his body and gave place for the lady to sit. But if the lady would have sat the guy's leg will hit the lady. So so annoying . The conversation heated up that disturbed everyone in the coach. The lady started feeling so embarrassed and kid was in tears. 

Dad got highly annoyed, caught his collars, " Better get up and leave place for this women or else i have to call the police. Tell me your RAC number. Show me your ticket. Come lets go to the police."

Saema timing. Police arrived at the spot. But no use. He behaved like other passengers. He didn't even bother about what was going on. He just sat down in his seat and started sleeping. But anyhow the guy got afraid of the situation and woke up and sat in his place. 

Lady conveyed her heartfelt thanks to my dad. She sat down in her seat. My mom started mumbling, now a days no respect for ladies. I was so proud of my dad. 

The guy was so reluctant to that lady only because she did not have any male support for her. When men gather its not always trouble. Please treat a women with respect. There exist lots of rules in our country but its of no use. Every man must treat women not just as a drug but as a human being. Even we do have all the feelings that a man has. My intention here is not to make a story that makes every reader interesting. But at least bring a change in the readers who read my post.

Guys, if something happens around you please don't just keep mum, don't ever think its not my business, don't think i'm not strong enough to fight the situation, don't think if i fight for a women may be someone may think wrong or talk wrong about me. Please burn all these thoughts and save the feelings of a women from being burnt.

Ring a bell to yourself...
Make a promise...
Treat women with respect...

For more details regarding this initiative, visit  www.bellbajao.org


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May 17, 2013 2:29 am delete

Quite right. A lone woman is always seen with disdain be it a passenger or a widow/divorcee. I think the society at large behaves very badly with single women. Quite a spot on post.

BTW, this post also brought memories of Tiruvarur and our stay there for two years. We had many students who came from Nannilam.

Joy always,

May 17, 2013 4:12 am delete

That's true susan, society shud change, we will try to change them...
Nice that my post scrolled down ur memories...

May 17, 2013 4:27 am delete

Very true!
Silence is the killer. Wonder where people's conscience has gone !

Keep smiling,

Anne John
May 18, 2013 5:41 am delete

In these depressing times when we hear horrible stories of harassment everyday, it is great to know about such decent men who stand up for what is right.

August 25, 2021 3:53 am delete

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