Six Word Memoir

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This post is a part of CBC's six word memoir.

CBC is a beautiful garden where colourful talents birds meet up. Each one have their own flavour. And its our Gardner Susan who nourishes all of us.  I'm proud to find myself in this place.

Thanks to Deepa Iyer for handing over the baton to me. Deepa is an awesome romantic writer and adds a loving effect in whatever she pens down. She blogs at

Special regards ro kaushik for his efforts on this amazing logo.

Well, to sum up my life in just six words is a real tough job for me. Its very easy to analyse someone else and tell a lot about them. But it is very tough to figure out our own life.

As Actor Surya says, "Matram Ondre Maradhadhu". And even my life does not have a static meaning all the time. The meaning of my life changes often as my life moves on.

When i was a kid my life meant,

First memoir is self explanatory. I need not do anything. My parents will do everything for me. Just read and play. What a happy life. And always wanted to achieve a good position in my academics which i think i've almost done.

But then when innocence started to disappear, i realised only thing that changed was my innocence and nothing else. But that was a worst thing. Even now my parents does everything for me. I don't have choices to make over. Its always their selection right from a toy,dress to my marriage ( though not yet ). Though they get me all expensive things i don't get what i like :(

So my life meant,

May be in future if  my hubby is an open minded guy i may be lucky to have a change over life

But who knows what will happen??? If all the question marks in our life is filled, then life will become boring. After all Life is,

I had over my baton to a multi talented blogger Aarti KrishnaKumar , who blogs at


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Deepa Iyer
May 26, 2013 3:57 pm delete

Wow, so many 6 words! :) Cheers!

May 26, 2013 5:58 pm delete

We asked for one six-word memoir but here you are with so many. That's not done. Only one is the rule ;)

Joy always,

Ram Thilak
June 18, 2013 3:18 am delete

You painted your entire life Gayu.. Past, Present and Future! All in six words.. :D Well thought post! :)


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