Moon's Curse

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Every one of us loves the natural satellite of our mother earth. Is there anyone who doesn't like its serenity, illumination, calmness, peace, and romance?  Yes you've  guessed it right. I'm talking about our romantic moon.

From the time we were born upto present we keep admiring at the moon and its attributes. But have we ever thought why is the moon going through different stages in its life? The earth's revolution is scientific reason behind the stages  as many of us know. But there is also a spiritual myth behind this. The story revolves around the elephant headed god. 

Lord Ganesh is very fond of sweet pudding or balls of rice flour with a sweet core. On one of his birthdays, he was going around house to house accepting the offerings of sweet puddings. He ate sweets as much as possible and packed the remaining in a red cloth and tied in his hip. He returned back to his home driving on his mouse car at night. 

Suddenly the mouse stumbled. It had seen a snake and became frightened as a result Ganesha fell down. The red cloth burst open and all the sweet puddings came out. But Ganesha stuffed them back into his cloth. He chased the snake, caught and tied thesarba   around his belly as a belt for his sweets. 


He hoped no one had seen him since it was night luckily. Unfortunately the moon saw him and burst into peals of laughter. Ganesha was furious. Moon kept on annoying ganesha by teasing at his huge tusk, rounded belly, and his eating habits. Ganesha got irritated to the core and cursed moon, " You mock at me? You mock at me since you look so beautiful? Here get your rewards. From today onwards your beauty will disappear and u will remain dark, for now and for ever. And no one should look at you on my birthday. If anyone does, he will surely earn a bad name, censure or ill-repute."

The moon was ashamed of his action and pleaded to forgive him. Ganesha also felt he had been hasty in cursing the moon. He could not take back his curse but only lessen it's intensity, he proclaimed that the moon would wax and wane and would be invisible on only one day of the month, " amavasya ", which is, to this day considered inauspicious. He also said, "If someone happens to see you by mistake on ganesh chadurthi day only way to free them from the curse is to see you on the second day of the bright fortnight or by repeating or listening to the story of Syamankata jewel and Krishna."

Moon was satisfied and had to pay for his mistake atleast a day in every month.The story of lord krishna and syamankata jewel is quoted in srimad bhagavatam.So sweet, short tempered, and playful god.

Enjoy the story as a video from the film bal ganesh.


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Well portrayed Gayu :) Does the art is by your own ? Its looking so good :) Thanks for sharing about this story :)

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Good one!
There exists another myth too, reg the waning and waxing of the moon.
Chandra (moon) was cursed by Daksha (his father-in-law) for disobeying him, to become invisible..Later this curse was 'modified' that he'd be waning and waxing

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Thanks sushmitha, its nt my art: ) google's I sutufied

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Oh thanks kaug I didn't knw


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