My Unfelt feelings

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How will i feel
if i can do what i like
if i can watch a movie with my friends
if i can text to my friends fearless from my home
if i can take pics

How will i feel
if i'm in a mall
if i walk on hot sands of mamallapuram
if i do window shopping
if i go for shopping alone
if i go out with my friends
if my friends come to my home
if i go to my friends home

How will i feel
if i give treat to my friends
if i get treat from my friends
if i can stay with my friends
if i can sleep with my friends
if i'm away from my parents

How will i feel
if i can play with my street kids
if i can drench in the rain
if i can use my lap to hear songs or watch a movie
if i can wish my friends at midnight 12
if someone wish me at midnight 12
if i can gift my friends
if my friends gift me
if i can read story books

How will i feel
if i can cheat my parents and do all these things?
if i have liberty to pour my feelings in my dairy?

Answerless questions of my life
How will i feel if all these questions rise within me?

Poor heart...Even your tears don't have freedom
Tears scrolling down my cheeks secretly...


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July 07, 2013 5:24 pm delete

Lovely Gayu ! It's soulful. Everything happens at a right time :)

Deepa Iyer
July 07, 2013 5:35 pm delete

Quite explicit. Shows what you are going through. Just hold strong!

Ram Thilak
July 07, 2013 6:46 pm delete

Sometimes being alone can help you discover your resistance limits.. :) Hope you fly freely soon Gayu..


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