Mr Dream

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A journey in love will begin the day we meet !
My dream begins to fleet !
My heart starts to sleet ...!!

You're the reason I get up to face each hectic day !!!

You enjoy all my nonsense talks,
Accompany me with my morning walks ...!
I hold your hand and walk a mile,
Don't want to miss you even awhile ...!

Life gives me lots of rugs,
You make them vanish with your magical hugs ...!
You lead my path to achieve,
Even if the whole world deceives !

I show you my boundless temper,
But you understand even my hearts whimper...!
You stow me in your heart,
And bestow me always with a smile ...!

You hack my thoughts,
And smack my lips;
We lay on our laps
Experiencing a twinkling nap ...!

Lingering in golden gleam,
Life is all but a dream ...!! 

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Are the last lines a pun ?


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