A Colourful Remembrance

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This post is a part of CBC's VIBGYOR Blog Tag where some of us will write about seven colour of vibgyor starting from 1st Sep, 2013.

The color theme for today is Indigo.

Indigo denotes dark blue or karuneelam as well known in tamil. Felt so tumulus about this colour from the day cbcians began to discuss about this topic. Was literally haunting google about indigo. All that google said was indigo dye, indigo car and significance of indigo colour. Phew.... Even for google it was a difficult task i guess. Last night exactly at twelve saw Vid Dev's  post about Kannan. As she said indigo is none other than karuneelam or dark blue Just a spark came to my mind. 

In school days from 9th std we do have chemistry practicals. Though the results of experiments may turn out to be right or wrong, the colourful liquids fascinate me so much. First chemistry practical class was cancelled. We were not taken to lab. Instead saraswathi mam ( Chemistry Mam )  bought a potato, little rice, corn and apple to class. 

I was eager to know why did she bring all these to class as if she is going to cook? She can take us to lab la? My friend claimed "Today also boring lectures. I feel soporific. "Suddenly mam called a student, "Come here, go and get a beaker filled with iodine solution from Radha aunty. Do not break it. Hold it carefully Then you have to pay breakage fee."  

Meanwhile she started narrating us, "Children do you know what is starch? On cashew nut of my class told, " Yes mam! kanji! My mom use it for clothes to make it stiff ". She said "Yes my dear, Good!, But do you know from where is it prepared? It is obtained from some food substances that we use in our daily life. It easy to find if a substance has starch or not. Add a few drops of diluted iodine to the substance. If it turns dark blue or indigo or blue-black it proves the presence of starch. Here let me show you all".

All our eyes were on the potato. She took few drops of iodine and dripped on the potato! Wow! amazing it turned blue-black. Same thing happened with rice and corn. But when apple was tested it didn't change colour. Mam said, "Did you see? This shows absence of starch".  

A colorful remembrance from my schooling ...!


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awww such a cute post. You triggered my school days memories now :D


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