Little Boy Bue

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This post is a part of CBC Vibgyor Blog Tag where a few of us will write on colours of Vibgyor starting from 1st Sep, 2013.

The color theme of today is Blue

From my childhood i've never had fascination towards the colour blue though it has been a part and parcel throught my life. I remember getting scoldings from my LKG mam for pronouncing the word blue as bue in the rhyme "Little Boy Blue"

Little Boy Blue,
Come blow your horn,
The sheep's in the meadow,
The cow's in the corn;
Where is that boy
Who looks after the sheep?
Under the haystack
Fast asleep.
Will you wake him?
Oh no, not I,
For if I do
He will surely cry

Whether the blue boy cries or not i'll finally land up with little tears. 

  • Blue colour uniforms that i wore for 14 years
  • Brill ink which i started using from my 4th std
  • White ribbons looking clean and blue on Monday mornings
  • Facebook 
  • Internet Explorer
  • Tcs logo
  • Blue coloured Formals
  • Day dreams that i do looking at the blue skies
  • Fun at the blue beach

Never thought my life has so much blue's involved until i started writing this post.

Blue also reminds me of  "Blue Law", a type of law, typically found in the United States and Canada, designed to enforce religious standards, particularly the observance of Sunday as a day of worship or rest.

Would be nice if Blue Law is applicable for twice a week...!


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Lovely, cute post and informative too :) School days are always unforgettable and incomparable :)

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