Forced Marriage

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Children do not want to get into love marriage because they do not want their parents to bend their heads down before our society and its awful comments. But the sad truth of today is when people go for arranged marriage every one expects too much from each other. 
If boy says yes, boy's parents tell no. If girl says yes girls parents tell no. If parents tell yes children tells no. If  girl,boy,girl's parents,boy's parents agrees finally the horoscopes tell no.  Children who have been so respectful towards their parents and preferred to settle with a boy/girl whom they choose, now may  start feeling it was a very bad decision from their side. Because in case of love marriage they have to fight only with their parents to convince them about our partner chosen. But now they have to fight with every one. They have to fight with their parents that they do not like they guy or girl.

Parents try to convince the children even if they tell they do not like the boy or girl. This convincing sometimes also becomes a black mails, curses, scoldings. All 23 years we have been taught repeatedly not to talk with strangers but what's the real use of those lessons if all of a sudden they ask to sleep with a unknown guy, that too whom we don't like? 
So there is no difference in struggles that the boy or girl face may it be love or arranged. Parents you have two choices. Either be happy with a partner whom your child loves or if you hate love, and u want your kids to be married only to a person whom you choose please  be generous to respect your child's opinions also. 
After all,  all you  want is your child should be happy right?  


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