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Kolam is symbol of auspiciousness. It is marked as welcoming Goddess Lakshmi into our home. It is believed it makes our home prosperous and happy. They also serve as a source of food for small creatures like ant. It also makes me feel as this is a way of dressing up my mother earth and make her look beautiful. 

The colours makes me so happy. Kolams can be decorated with colour powders, colour salt, navadhaniyams or even left plain as we mostly do. Kaavi is applied as an outline on special occasions. We brahmins have special variety of making kolam.  It is called Ezhai kolam. It is made with wet rice floor. This adds a special beauty. One good thing about this type of kolam is that it do not deteriorates within few hours. 

There are different types of kolams Kambi kolam, Rangoli, pulli kolam,  manai kolam. Different kolams are attributed to different God. Tulasi kolam to lordess tulasi, Shree Chakra Kolam to Goddess Lakshmi...

  Anuradha ramanan, a famous writer, once wrote in a weekly, "Show me the kolam you designed today and i shall tell you your state of mind".  It is so true only after reading this i realised that kolams take beautiful design when i'm happy and just ordinary when i am tensed. Sometimes without even interest will just make a star. 

However, month of margazhi turns out to be a great joy for kolam lovers like me. Cool breeze, waking up early morning, dew drops in plants adds an appealing effect to the kolams made. Though i'm just an ameture is still try to do my level best.  There always occurs a pota-poti between me and other women in my street as of who draws the best kolam. If their kolam is very nice i would secretly admire, and try to learn that kolam. Sometimes as competition stiffens, i learn new kolam and prepare overnight on paper so that my kolam can be the best on the next day. 

Presenting few of my kolams here....

Have a colourful Margazhi...!


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Very creative !!
Nice kolams


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