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Its a long time that i wrote a post! Days are becoming very monotonous and hectic. I don't even get a topic to blog on. So i thought of sharing happenings from my school life! Every one's best part of life is their school days!  The moment i hear the word school, memories dump into my mind.  I wish to share one such memory. 

I studied in Balalok MHSS at Virugambakkam, Chennai. " Loud Reading " was a great initiative by our former Chairman Mr. AK Bhut. The initiative works like this. Our Library mam will write a new word each day along with its meaning and a sentence with that word. And its our work to copy those words in tea or lunch breaks. We will be issued a separate notebook for Loud Reading. This practice is followed from class 4 to class 8. 

I very well know its a good way to develop my vocabulary and i'm very weak in english. But namaku English a important? Games dhan important. Most of the students including me will never copy the words. I won't do it because of a lot of reasons. I hate english, I don't want to waste my break, I don't have patience to sit for ten mins and write the words or even if I note it down i'm not going to read it or even if i read i'm not going to remember.  

When i was in my sixth class, vj mam ( Viola Jaganath ) was my class teacher. She was actualy Principal of  Primary Classes upto sixth standard. She is a very sweet and affectionate mam. But she always pretends to be so rude to children so that we will be disciplined and affection or love dosen't work for us. We naughty students understand only the language of sticks and hands. Sorry for diversions., Coming back to where i was..., VJ mam became our class teacher because we had nearly 7 class teachers and all of them ran away unable to control my class. Every week a new class teacher will come. She or He will not last for more than a week. Such an impish class.

Suddenly VJ mam said one day "Tomorrow i want your loud reading books for correction". We were all in great  panic. I was on my cold feet.  I never ever wrote even a word! I even used that note as my rough note! So i got a new note that evening and copied many new words from the dictionary! That evening was a punishment for me! As it is i hate english and that too all new words the evening fully! Horrible!. I was like how Hasini gets caught with her math mam in Santosh Subramaniyam.  

Next day we all were ready with our notebooks. My eyes were only on the entrance looking out for mam. I was actually trembling inside and had a blank face outside. We had a good news that VJ mam was on leave for a week due to her health issues. Granny was around 60yrs i guess when i was in 6th. Though it was a very good news i felt so angry on her because i sacrificed the entire evening to prepare my loud reading note! Aaaarrggghhhhh

Awesome days :) :)


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