Amma's Touch

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Amma is a disguise of god, this is the statement told by many scholars, but I don't know if I see amma as my god but definitely she is my whole world, it was the time when I wore frocks, time when there were gateways in my teeth. My world had only two persons my appa and my amma. 

I love my amma's  touch 

when she washes my hair, combs my hair, dresses me up. I cherish being and acting as my mom, wearing a sari without knowing how to tie it, hiding my face in her mundhanai. 

I love evreything about amma

I keep smoothing her hair, keep playing with it.. Believe me even now I do this. I keep admiring how amma combs her hair, I will try to imitate her, wear amma's vallayal though it would be an extra large size for my hand that would run up to my shoulders, keeping her pottu, wearing her golusu, clutching her clips, using her lipgloss, tying her watch and try to walk like her,  wearing all these I will tumble and fall down. Amma will say 

Enakunu onu pudusa vangina vida matiye...

For me amma is the most beautiful person on earth. She will clutch a oru mozham poo folded as a double strand on her hip length hair that makes me not to take my eyes from her. Amma will shout at me 
Nee kannu vekadha...  

I will giggle and continue the same. Year by year I grew up. Only thing that changed every year was my age and a constant increase in love and admiration for my amma. But as I approached 23, one day I dressed up exactly like my amma, jimiki, golden chain with a lakshmi dollar, two golden bangles, her cotton sari, now I somehow learnt to tie it and pottu. I walked out of my room. Now I was no more tumbling down. 

Kalyana kala vandhututhu!  Paethiku seekram mapla parungo 

Thatha exclaimed! I showed off to be annoyed but really enjoyed thatha's words and smiled to myself.  It didn't last for a minute. I started realizing I'll no more be using my amma's sari, I'll get my own, no more her vallayal, no more her golusu no more her pottu, 

No more nothing from her.  

I would no more be called as raji's ponnu, I would be called as someone's wife, someone's mattuponu, someone's mother or 

Someone's someone...!

Mother's Touch


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February 09, 2014 5:38 pm delete

Something deep from your heart.
Your words have moved me for sure. Cheers

February 10, 2014 5:55 am delete

I have elder sister. The very first time I saw her crying when is when she scored less marks which she was not eligble for the medicine seat in her dream college. Later she got the seat in KMC, chennai. Now she is a doctor in Erode.
After that I have seen her crying in her marriage. She cried even thought she married the guy whom she is in love with. As a kid i thought Why all girls are being so drama queen in front of others hugging and kissing their parents at the wedding hall ?
Later I realized why she cried on that day. I realized the reason behind her tears. She is gonna miss hjer parents.. She is gonna leave her home where she lived for the past 20 years. She is gonna miss her brothers.

Now I can understand your feelings. But on the sunny side, kalyanam aagi enga pona ena..?? mingi mingi pona enga pova..?? pakathu theru, illa pakathu gramam, illa pakathu state, illa pakathu country. Enga pona enga You are always ur mommy's pet. :) Ippo irukra technologu ku virral sodukra nearthla peaslam, yen skype paathu peaslam. Apdi nearla thaa paakanuma Redbus ticket book pana nxt day mrnf you can enjoy your mom's coffee :D

So cheers :) Dont be sad :) Have fun and start dreaming about your future husband :)

February 10, 2014 3:29 pm delete

Good one!
Amma and Appa are the most precious people in our journey of life!

February 10, 2014 7:18 pm delete

Great one Gayu! A lot to learn from our parents! Keep writing...

Gayu Venkat
February 11, 2014 8:43 pm delete

Ya kaushik :) Thank you !

Raja Srinivas
February 12, 2014 4:01 am delete

Well said Gayu.. Things you have pointed are from deep of your heart i understand .. ! Keep Moving..!

March 07, 2014 5:36 pm delete

Gr8 one gayu !! she is the one and only god !! cheers (y)


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