Through My Window

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I left home early morning. I didn't know where I was going. I boarded a bus, bus number seemed out of focus. There was no one in the bus. It seemed I was the only passenger.  The bus was deprived of driver and conductor too. I didn't bother to get a ticket. The bus kept moving,  it didn't stop anywhere. It didn't stop even where I boarded. 

I took a middle seat in the bus. I started gazing through the window. I admired the lush green grass, chirping sounds of the birds, clear skies. There appeared little drizzles from the clouds. Romantic songs played by the driver added appealing effect to the scene, but he didn't appear to my eyes. 

I was wearing pink and violet half sari, hair plated up to my knees.  I kept smoothing my hair and still gazed through the window.  Suddenly someone boarded the bus. Bus didn't stop now either.  He sat near me.  I began to like him, liked him so much, I loved him. I don't know if i knew him before. But he was my b.f. I named him Karthik. 

I felt so happy as he was seated beside me. I plugged my left hand into his right hand, his right shoulders were over my left shoulders, my left hand was now left of his right hand. I plugged my left fingers into his right fingers, laid my head on his right shoulders. He was wearing a beaded bracelet made of a thin extensible thread. I kept playing with it using my right hands as my left hand fingers were engaged with his right hand fingers.  I love to meddle with things worn by my loved ones. 

He laid his head on my head, and his left hand fingers on my right hand fingers that were playing on his bracelet. Song kept playing and the bus kept moving. While rain has gained more quantum outside the bus, our love for each other also increased. Rain has changed its direction of pour due to gentle breeze. Few drops of rain splashed on my face and a little on Karthik's face too. He raised his head, took his left hand fingers from my right hands. Eventually I also raised my head. He got hold of my cheeks, wiped off the droplets with his warm hands and uttered few words. I couldn't hear properly. He said those words again. " I Love you".  I head a  voice screaming coffee. This was not Karthik's. So i didn't bother. I didn't know what to tell. I don't know exact words to express my love for him. So just smiled.

Again heard a voice screaming Coffee.  I searched back and forth I couldn't see any one but voice seemed familiar. I felt sweating in a little while. Someone pulled my blanket. You sleeping doll,  how many times to.wake you up? Its 7:30, you are already late for office. It was amma. I smiled to myself and went back to my routine.

This post is part of Indi blogger's "Go Further to Get Closer". This gives a chance to narrate and self estimate how far we go to get closer to someone whom we love? I don't have any love or Hubby. So i've presented a dream that i went through. May be it becomes real in future :)

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