A Day Without Mom

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When things go so smooth we don't realize the real worth of anything or anyone. When my mom always grumbles about her work i would think after all she is an house wife. She can do what ever she want. She need not go for office. She need not go for college. She need not do homework. She need not get scoldings from her boss or her faculties for not fulfilling the job. She can sleep as and when she wished. She can go out as ans when she loved to. She is not answerable to anyone. All she need to do is cooking, wash clothes, and maintain the home. For doing this she mumbles and grumbles this much. 

Few days back my mom and dad went out of station for the first time i was living without my mom. Wherever we go we would go together ( Dad, Mom, me and my sis ). If i or my sis could not join the trip, my mom will stay back at home with us. But this time i wasn't able to travel with them since i was joining a new company on that day. Neither my mom couldn't stay back since that trip was unavoidable. I initially thought i was going to really enjoy two days all alone at my home ( though thatha,patti, and sister were there ). 

I woke up from my bed feeling so relaxed as i woke up very late by 9 AM. Usualy my mom won't allow me to sleep after 7.30. I walked towards the door, stretching my hands and bending my body. No one in the home bothered to open the door. I saw milk packets still hanging on the milk basket fixed on the gate. It was already late for the milk packets to be under refrigeration since summer had started.  Something was running in my ind. Thatha and patti have woke up by 6.30 itself. Why can't they open the door or push the milk packets from the bucket into the fridge. 

I walked to the milk bucket and started collecting milk packets from it. I then realized one 1/2 litre packet was missing. I started scolding the milk man for not delivering the quantity of milk  as ordered. I searched the telephone index that we maintain at our home for letter M. I wasn't able to find the milk man's number. Then in N as his name was Nagarajan. I found lots of Nagarajan's on that page. I knew only two of them. Anyhow the milkman Nagarajan's number was not there. I flipped through all the pages and finally found his number on the general page.  I then called up to the milkman and asked why has he not delivered the milk in right quantity as he was supposed to.  But he said he has delivered the packets as ordered. I really dint know what to do. May be some one had stolen the milk packet. This has happened many times before and this is why my mom collects the packets by 5.30 itself before sun wakes up from his sleep. 

I saw the entrance so dirty with fallen leaves. I began cleaning all the leaves, watered the floor and drew kolams. When i was about to enter into my home i was the entrance again filled with dry leaves. No wonder my dad fights with the neighbor daily because it was their tree that produced so much dry leaves. Usually i would be thinking my dad fights with them unnecessarily. But now i realize the pain of cleaning. 

Prepared coffee for myself. This wasn't much burden task since i had been doing this down the years. Next biggest task "Cooking".  I opened the fridge. I saw almost all the veggies there. But really dint know what to pick up. I picked up some carrots. But how many carrots do i really want to cut in order to serve 4 persons? I dint know. Took 4-5 carrot and kept it aside on the table for cutting. I really don't know what to cook. Finally decided and started cooking something. I washed the raw rice,poured water approximately and placed in the cooker. Added a hand-full of Dhal twice( thought of having dhal rice and rasam ) in another vessel and closed the cooker. 

People sitting in the hall started asking coffee ( Second round ). So i kept a milk pan and added milk. Kept it on another stove to boil. Cooker started blowing steam and it was time for me to add on weight on its head to shut his mouth. As i closed the mouth of the cooker, milk has boiled and overflown from the milk pan. I had to wipe the entire dais. Cooker didn't blow the whistle at all May be he was angry on me for scolding him. I somehow pacified him and did give me his best. 

Next was mission "Rasam. Rasam or sambhar i do know all the ingredients. But i didnt know the exact steps for making it. I did add all the ingredients for making rasam. I realy didnt know how much time to boil that. I kept boiling it for 1.5 hours. I kept on tasting it for every five mins to see if the taste of rasam appears. The output was really good. But it wasn't rasam. It was some spicy liquid. Thank God there was a vegetable cutter. I added carrots to that cutter and in a few grinds the carrots were ready to be cooked. Mission "Carrot" was also done. 

In midst my grand ma was not well. She never got up from her bed. I had to serve her everything and also had to take care of her health. She vomitted in her room itslef ( not because of my cooking. She didn't even taste mine he he ).  I had to wipe the entire room again and again. Idiotic lady. She could have used the rest room right? My servant added additional tasks to my "To do List". She was absent for the day. I had to wash vessels, sweep the floor, mop the floor and wash clothes. 

After i have done with all my works i just fell over the sofa and turned on the radio. It played, "Velai Velai" song from Avai shanmugi. Poor mom. She has to do a lot of things. I had been living a happy life with my books and office. 


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Really nice... This is dedicated to every mom who sacrifice her whole life for her husband & childrens.

April 30, 2014 12:53 pm delete

Good one...... Moms are always the best!

Gayu Venkat
May 05, 2014 8:52 pm delete

Thanks Deepak. A comment from you after a long time :) feels gr8


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