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Batrachophobia means fear of frogs 

I love gardening and the greeneries. There are lots of plants at my home. But the only plant i hate is Banana Tree. The reason is because frogs love banana trees. They love hiding inside the barks of the banana trees. I hate frogs. I am so much afraid of them. These huge set of banana trees had caused the population of the frogs in my home to increase. Those creatures scare me so much as if i am staying in their home. Toads are pretty much less harmful and they mind their own business. Toads don't jump so high yet i am afraid of them.These irritating creatures will be visible only for my eyes. " Yeah! only the fearful mind views ghosts wherever darkness appears. You know where all i see them? They would reside on my books, behind the curtains, in my bathrooms, under the motor, in the water pump and wherever they get some cool feel. Those mentioned are some of the favourite places of frogs who live in my home. Though they do not like polar regions they like to shed themselves from the hot burning sun. 

When ever i have some work in their favourite place eg. bathrooms i would check thoroughly before i go for bath. I would check under the motor, I would check on the top shelf, i would check behind the door and after ensuring that the place is safe i carry on with my work. But these idiots cheat me often. They would have escaped from my eyes when i investigate.  But hearing the noises i make they suddenly jump from their hidden place. I would screeeeeeeammmmmm appppaaaaaaa frogggggggggg. Hearing a devilish scream my whole family would surround me. Even that frog would get scared by my scream. The creature will jump hither and thither without knowing what to do. 

Now i am done with those terrific creatures. My dad has cut all those banana plants. Now this is my home and no more theirs...!

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