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This Post is part of A - Z Challenge. The Letter for today is 

C for  Cacotopia . It means a state in which everything is as bad as it can be.
Two other C's used in this post.
Calvary means to experience intense mental suffering
Cagamosis means Unhappy Marriage

Veena Iyer is daughter of Mrs. Radha And Mr. Krishnan

By 2013 May, her parents started  partner search. They were so proud of her that she did't love anyone and she agreed for them to seek a boy for her.  But she started realizing arranged marriage is so hectic process. It gave Veena lot of Calvary. As a Tamil Brahmin this process was even more tedious. First her parents would browse through all matrimony sites and would send them interest. Then only a few will reply back. Then Mr. Krishnan would take print out of horoscopes who have replied. He will go to the astrologer at least twice a week. If he takes 10 horoscopes to the astrologer, the astrologer will reject 7 out of that. There would be just 3 remaining. Then he will call to those 3 families and inform them that our horoscopes have matched. 

Every astrologer have their own ways of calculation and match the horoscopes. Out of 3 only 1 would say "horoscopes matches for us too".  After fixing appointments. between the two families a meet would be arranged for Veena and her family to see the boy and his family and vice versa. But that 1 boy also will be rejected from by Veena due to the facts like balled head, 10 years of age gap, shortness, already divorced, and many many reasons. If everyone from her family liked the boy and his family, the boy would privately message her later that he is not interested in marriage, he loves a girl. Some people won't even respond after the meet. 

So far she didn't even meet one good guy, a guy who will be lovable, a guy who will not look ugly, a guy who don't come for the girl's wealth, a guy who can care for his girl like a kid. Now Veena feels so much for not having loved any guy and preferred love marriage. Krishnan and Radha are scolding her daily for not getting any suitable alliance, for Veena not accepting any guy whom they show. 

It has been nearly an year. Now she is counting her days towards Cagamosis. They have given her just 30 days time. From day 31 it would be completely their decision and Veena will have to marry whom ever they show.

How pathetic a 23 year's girl's life is :(  Only her pillow knows how much tears she sheds every night. Not because she don't get the right partner but because the mental pressures her parents give every day, every hour and every minute. Her parents were so sweet up to last year until they started her partner search. But now?????

Hope God has some pity on Veena Iyer and he will show her  beloved at least before 31st day ends :( :( 

P.s Veena Iyer is an imaginary girl born as a result of my imaginations. The things narrated are pretty much true life of my close friend.


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April 04, 2014 8:09 am delete

What can I say, an outsider who has no experience with what you are going through? Can you hope for a miracle? Or a relative who will support you in your independent search for the right guy?

Gayu Venkat
April 04, 2014 2:20 pm delete

God alone knows whats gng to happen


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