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Diastema  means space between tooth

When i browsed image for diastema it looked so yakkiieee. But there was time when i loved this. You know when? Yes in my childhood. I would return home from my school by 12. After which my mom will feed me with lunch she had prepared. I would eat half and say, "Amma Thoppa Full".  Amma will stare at me and say " Innum rendu vai dhan iruku. Sapdu Mariyadhaiya". I will weep and complete my lunch. 

Post lunch will be always a small slepping session. The attendees would be me and my sister. My Thatha would be the host.  The session would be companied by my thatha's kaka kadhai, kuruvi kadhai and finally with a kannan song.

"Neelakanna Nirumalaroopa Kanna varayo Mani vanna Varayo........
Yasodhai Balan Nee dhan da
Yagukula Thilagan Nee dhan da
Madumeikapoyen da
Urukum vennaiyai uraipavanelam
Sondhamalava unaku sondhamallava"

This is not the exact lyric sung by my thatha. Indeed this is the one that i heard and intrepreted myself at age 4. Still now i remember only the bits and pieces of words that entered into my ears. I will not be able to concentrate on his song and lyrics because my thatha had diastema. He would make funny noise with those gaps inbetween his tooth. He would also humm the song sometimes with the gap between his tooth. This musical teeth concept works similar to any instruments like flute, pullanguzhal.  I would be amazed by that musical tooth my thatha had. I would keenly keep watching his mouth to learn and know how he can make that melodious music. Because of this curiousness i would miss the lyrics. No wonder i was unable to reproduce the sound made by his tooth. I would try to immitate him but finally land up spitting every where around my mouth and cheeks. Soon i would fall asleep.

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