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This Post is part of A - Z Challenge. The Letter for today is 

E for

eel - loh - goh - shee - oh - hip - pah - poh - kuh - nu - ree - us

This isint a sentence without spaces or combination of words that would be found on a hash tag. It is just a single word. I came across this word while browsing for obscure words that starts with E. I was struggling to pronounce this word. This big word is made up of 30 letters.  I had to split up the word as 

eel - loh - goh - shee - oh - hip - pah - poh - kuh - nu - ree - us

So funny. Imagine if this word is given as a tongue twister and asked to repeat as fast as possible. But the word means " good ". Which human will use this eeee.. rious word instead of good. Just imagine if i tell my appa, " Appa you are so Eellogofusciouhipoppokunurious " He would stare at me as if i was scolding him. 

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