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This Post is part of A - Z Challenge. The Letter for today is 

F for fogram. It means something that has disappeared or became outdated in the long run

As I grew many things have become fogram of my life.

  • 2 Plaits
  • Dirty Ribbons
  • Knee Length Frocks
  • Shoes Clinging From Ac Grill
  • Holed Socks
  • Cycle Riding
  • Innocence
  • Playing In Sand
  • Building Sand Castles
  • Visit To Circus

  • Puppet Shows
  • Palanguzhi Games
  • Mom And Granny Feeding Me
  • Dad Making Me Bath
  • 6 Cousins Bathing in the same bathroom at a time giggling at each other since we don't know how to Bath
  • Scribbling On Walls
  • Drawing That Meant Two Hills, A Sun And A House...!

As of now i could think of only a few..
Will post in detailed in my further posts..

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