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Hagiolatry means worship of saints
I am not inclined towards the saints like ragavendrar, sai baba, etc. I do respect them. But i'm unable to view them as someone equal to God. After few days of my GRE exam, parents planned for a visit to Kanchi Madam. I haven't been there even once. Actually they wanted to ask suggestion from periva if i can go abroad. Parents were on two thoughts. They didn't want their child to lose out a wonderful opportunity to study abroad. Yet they were worried of alowing me to go all alone. Sending me to a country where they can't reach all of a sudden like we can visit kanchi from Chennai. I was so adamant in perusing my higher studies - my second masters.This turned to be a big tiff between me,appa and amma. 

We reached " kanchi madam" around 10 am. I was able to see some saint siting and performing pooja for lord shiva and parvathi. He was dressed up in kaavi clothings and had a long stick in his hand that had a small piece of kaavi cloth tied at its tip. I was not able to see his face clearly since the hall was crowded we were standing far behind. Some of his adiyars told periva will talk with people only after pooja was over. It may take about 1'o clock. We hence planned to visit kamatchi amman temple. Before we left he gave us a form to fill in our basic details so that he will inform us in case of special poojas.

We reached back to "madam" by 12.30. Periva was still doing pooja. We somehow got little place to sit. I felt bored after 5 mins. Was gazing at all the devotees. I wasn't able to sit for 10 mins or more. Wondered how could he perform pooja for such a long duration. Mom replied back this is just "First kala pooja" . He would perform pooja like this thrice a day. I didn't know how to react. I felt so hungry and pestered my mom "we can have lunch and then meeet him" She stared at me and said " Unnakaga dhan paka vandurkom ! why do you do like this? You had your breakfast right? You know what periva will eat? just little fruits and milk or buttermilk. Thats it." I kept wondering how can he tolerate his hunger. How is that single banana and a glass of milk enough?" But he dose't look so weak. She replied me back that's the power of prayers. I felt they he was really a super human. It was about 1.30. His pooja was over. The crowd started dispersing and we were nearing closer to him. His face seemed clear now. Appa was telling how Bala Periva became madadhipathi and little stories about him. We were standing just few steps away from him. My hunger killed me.  Periva saw me face to face and started walking ahead to the next room where he would meet people. To our surprise he went into the room and never returned back. The Adiyar who guided us initially came out and said periva asked you four to have lunch and then meet him. I was really shocked " How did he know i am hungry? ". Post lunch the waiting continued.  I got a call from a unknown number. I heard the news that i got selected in the interview that i attended a month before. He asked me to confirm my joining date. I was quite happy because i visited twice to that company and i liked it. I was unhappy about the current employer

Then i went inside the room where periva was seated. Parents informed periva about MS and also enquired about my marriage.

He said don't send her for abroad. Let her continue with the masters that she is doing now in part time. He just spoke countabe number of words. But i don't knw what made me inclined towards him so much. After we came out i felt i could have asked if i can join in the new firm because the decision i took to join the current employer had turned my life in vain. Parents scolded me you must have asked him when we where in. You know how blessed one should be to meet him and receive his answers? U have missed the golden opportunity. 

We tried to meet him again. But pervia went to take rest. I waited for two hours to meet him. But he nevr turned up. It became evening 5.30 . it was getting dark and we decided to get back home. Parents were shouting at me fr having missed the opportunity. And made them wait so long.  When we are about to leave a mami came near me and said," Did u wanted to ask something to periva? He asked me to ask you."  I was dumbstuck. "How did he know? Ya mami i wanted to enquire if i can accept this offer from the new firm" she told me she will enquire to periva ams send us his reply through post card. Appa asked mami's number. But she said she don't have a mobile phone.  I didn't know what to do. We left the place. I was scolding my self for not asking him when i got a golden chance.  He has lot of disciples. How is it possible for him to reply me. Even if he replied how will the mami send the post card? She don't even have my address. 
Two days passed by.


Got a call from madam, that mami spoke. She said periva asked her to join in the new company itself.  My inclination towards him kept on increasing. I dont know why but after my visit to kanchi madam i have become a one amonst "No.1 devotee's list".
He is really a god in disguise of human.

As per his words, I gave up my aspire for Ms and joined in the new firm. I don't know why i have changed like this. 


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