Irascent - Abusive behaviour in public

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The letter for today is 

 Irascent means to become angry. 

I left office by afternoon 1'o clock. I was in my notice period that is hence rightly called as honeymoon period of IT employees. No work pressures. You can come and leave on time. I got released from my project and hence was in bench. I left office after lunch. Boarded into 570 bus. Bus seemed so empty just like my brains. I sat down in my favorite seat. You know girls are accustomed to seeing favorites in every silly thing. Bus stopped at karapakkam and a girl got in following a boy. Both were dressed up in same black colored clothes. Their face seemed recognizable for me. "Not like Oh i have seen them somewhere kind of feel" I have seen them twice before in the same bus in the same time. 

First day when i saw they both were seated on adjacent seat. They were rather new to each other. I eves dropped the introductory session that went on between them. I didn't wantedly do that. What to do? i couldn't resist their voice from getting into my cochlea. Second day when i met they seemed good friends. They sat on adjacent seats as usual. They chit-chated on various topics, pulling each others legs and giggling, like any other friends do. But on the third day i.e today, i saw them seated on same seats next to each other. The boy had his hands on the girl's shoulder. And he was doing all sorts of sexually abusive things on her. I couldn't explain more clearly. Hope you understand what i wanted to convey. 

Such disgusting people. The girl also didn't protest. She was rather enjoying. I felt on my nerves and scolded them badly. " Is this the way you both behave in public? Arent you both ashamed of yourself? you can do all these at your home right? aren't you both ashamed that the people around you are watching all the non sense you do? " Their ridiculous answer was, " Hello mam she is my friend! I will do anything with her! whats so much bothering you? I felt even more angry felt like slapping them. Culture in India has spoilt to the core in the name of modernization. People who were so long dumb now started raising voices against them. " Yeah this girl is right! I had been watching them for quite some time. They don't behave themselves." The pair questioned me back as if i had done some mistake! 

The argument finally came to an end as i left the place grumbling to myself. People have to be how to behave in public. Being social is fine.But there should be some limit lines between a boy and a girl ( at least in the public places ).  

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