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The letter for today is 

K for Kidlet meaning Kids 

Day dawned and I woke up in anguish. The previous night my amma grilled me to the core and hence had a sleepless night. Busy hours went monotonously with brushing, bathing, dressing up, prayers and breakfast. my face was like :( . My eyes were swollen since i cried the whole night. I drove my bike so reluctantly with lots of things running in my mind; why is my life alone so :( ; why I don't feel happy in spite of having everything in life, when even a poor person who just drinks porridge as his lunch and dinner is so happy; Why is my life alone like hell ? what is the solution for all these sorrows. I reached Kodambakkam bridge and Chennai traffic began to show its true colours. 

I heard some lady voice yelling " opposite of hot " heard another voice " cold" . Girls have become so precautions to the Chennai pollution that every girl / lady / even patti ( granny ) cover their face with a stole. I searched back and forth I wasn't able to find to whom those voices belonged to since every one's face where covered like terrorists to safe guard them against the "pathu skin problems like allergy, themal apdi ipdinu".  Guess none of them use "Hamam". 

Again I heard a voice " what is the opposite of good " now i found out the origin for those voice. I saw,  a lady covered with a stole and a small kid in white shirt, brown trousers, his hands holding handles of the bike mirror, a 10Rs. cooling glass with the price tag hanging up to his cheeks. I guess he has exams on that day. His mom kept asking him opposites vigorously. The boy was gazing at the Chennai trafic so hapily through his black framed coolers and answered his mom only because she might disturb his gazing by bringing tears in his eyes. She then asked what is opposite of thin. He missed his mom's question as effect of his excessive love for gaze. He asked "enna",  meaning "what", in a tone that explained " i didn't understand or hear properly. Can you please repeat " . She shooted up the same question and the boy did the same. This went on thrice. Forth time she asked " opposite of thinnnnnu " in a tone showing off her anger. Kid replied " Thinnadha " meaning "don't eat." 

Sorrows flew in the air. Traffic got cleared. People where back to their busy drive. 

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