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The letter for today is 

I have tendency to forget my friends names. It takes me at least a week to get used to their names though they are pretty much easier. There are people who cannot remember names at all. "Ramesh Kanna" in the movie "Thenali" calls hero by different names other than his original name " Thenali ". This is called as Lethonomia. It is the inability to recall the right name. 

The word is derived from the river Lethe in Hades. Hades is called as "God of the Underworld". Lethe is one of the 5 rivers of Hade. In Greek mythology it is said that any one who consumes the river water of Lethe, causes oblivion or forgetfulness of the past. There are 4 other  rivers of Hade with similar mythology. 

 Styx - River of   hatred 
 Acheron  -  River of pain. 
 Lethe  - River of forgetfulness. 
 Phlegethon -  River of fire
 Cocytus -  The river of wailing

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