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Letter for today is

M stands for Merriment - entertainment.

Let me rewind my life to few years back. Childhood was awesome filled with innocence. The main ambition as a child was to enjoy myself as much as possible. Enjoyment includes playing in hot sun, playing in rain, eating ice creams, chocolates, scribbling pictures, fighting with sister, and the most important of all, watching cartoons. cartoons are just like playful kids. They narrate innocence stories.  They help kids to go to land on a kid's imaginary land. Pictures make up 1000's of words that are easily grasped by the kids.Though they are not familiar with the language they will still be able to grasp the core concept with the help of pictures. Cartoons always have a happy ending and never make a child scary. Cartoons teach them a lot of emotions. Sound effects and animations makes kids feel ebullient.  

I cherish watching cartoons even now. Though people in my home tell, "You are 23 yrs old! Still watching cartoons like a baby" I simply don't care. They make me feel so calm relaxed and happy. 

Few M-Cartoons from my favorite list 

  • Magic School-bus
  • Mario Brothers
  • Mask: The Animated Series, The
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Mighty Ducks - The Animated Series
  • Miffy and his friends
  • Mr. Bean - the animated series

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