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People have so much craze for new movies. But i really don't. May be because of this i have missed out a lot of good movies. Today after i came back from office i felt too bored. I switched on the TV. Jumped from channel to channel to prove my origin. Threw away my remote on sofa, came and fell down on my bed. Suddenly i heard some tune. Went back to hall again. I saw a song "Vinmeen Mazhaiyil". I didnt know what film it was. Don't know the hero or the heroine. I got so much attracted to that song. since tomorrow is a holiday due to elections i didnt have much work to do. Browsed to see what movie that song belonged too. It was "Thegidi" . Watched the full movie. The story circumferenced a detective's life. I loved the movie. "Vinmeen Mazhaiyil was the only romance song in that film" . I am now completely mesmerized by that song, its picturisation, the singers voice and the feel of song.



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Even i liked the song very much keep writing keep blogging


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