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G for Greenophili - love for greens

Green has become my favourite colour in recent times. Recent times in the sense right from my college days. Until then I did't have a favourite colour. Didn't bother to find out which colour I loved. My college is completely filled with plants and trees. It wouldn't resemble a monotonous architecture like many other colleges. I am fond of the plants and trees around the campus . I in fact talk with them when i am sad, when i am happy. 

This is my department. There is a small door in the ground floor that leads to the garden at the rear side of my department. There would be many lemon trees. Even the lemons would be green. Sometimes i would wonder if it was realy a lemon tree or a sathukudi tree. 

I would be so happy if i get a chance again in my life to travel in this green painted bus hearing pachai nirame song. To my disappoinment the governemt passed an order the college busses whould be paineed yellow :(

Few other greeny things in my life...
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My green pillow
My tooth-brush

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