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Its election day. I wonder why everyone show off too much on facebook. This is after all our duty. Feel irritatted when people post their inked fingers pictures,  status msgs telling they have voted. Blogger writing about their voting experience,  and one more grup of people posting their status showing their irritations due to selfie pics and voted msgs. An convoluted version of these things on fb also happens on watsapp. Clise frends msging did you vote today? To whom did you vote? Why is thT you have voted for this party? Bla bla bla

Do you know that even protecting our environment, nature, fauna, paying your taxes are also duties of an indian citizen. Do any of you shout on fb or watsapp that u have planted a new sapling today? You have paid your taxes? You have saved an animal from danger?  Then why for voting alone?

Now even i have become one amongst the bloggers who write topics circumscribing elections and voting.

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