CBCian In Me

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" Hey do you know Sowmya's passoword? "

" What password? "

" Password to unlock her system. I need to check the configuration of a few software. "

" Wait i don't know. She is with Vignesh il ask her and let you know " 

I pinged Sowmya and asked her password. She came and entered the password and left back to help Vignesh. Praveen asked me to help him with finding the versions of software installed on her machine. Hence i started sniffing through Sowmya's system. Chrome  was open i saw many tabs, just gazed through all the tabs.  

I saw a W icon followed by the letters, "Prasanna's Ram". The remaining part of the word were not visible. I clicked on the tab. It was our CBCian BP's Blog. Sowmya was back to her place. I asked her if she knows BP. She asked me who's that? 

" The owner of the blog "

" No , I don't i was just checking for Elliot's beach and chrome landed me here". 

Was happy to see a cbcian's blog. She clicked on the home tab and rolled over her mouse. I saw a group photo of the last cbc meet. Eyes sharply focused on people whom i know. I exclaimed to her look thats BP. and this is Kaushik and this is Srilakshmi.  I was rather teaching her like how mom's teach her kids about her relatives "enoda ammavoda thanga athukararoda onu vita chithapa paiyan" which seems Greek and Latin.

She gave me a sweet smile at me, but i read her mind voice "why the hell should i know all these? I closed my mouth and returned back to my work. 


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Ha ha ha happens wimme too.. :D I was explaining my friends using Sri n Amrutha's wedding pics!!


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