Madras to Chennai

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Chennai is a city but madras is an emotion. May be because of the transformations of the emotions into a city, it has just become a land to live and not a mother land. 

The transformation has brought in a appealing effect to the city on a few parch areas

Metro Rails 

IT Parks

Stain Less Steel Name Boards

                                                                           Kathipara Fly Over

Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminus ( CMBT )


A/c Busses


Facilitated Beaches

From Mud roofs / huts to glassy buildings

All these looks so fabulous. But what are the impacts of these tremendous changes????

Narrowed Streets, Traffic everywhere 

Poorly Maintained Roads

Roads filled with sewage water 

Street Names in a few places that are below the eyesight level

 Invisible Street Names

Filthy Places. Garbage Everywhere

Did we realize,  we have made our clean madras into Chennai, Ranking it as 11th polluted place in india

Poor Parking Facilities

Squalid Bus Stops

@ Vadapalani

Now we stand 4th in the C02 producing nations

Humans have become animals which generate garbage

Transformation Prolongs...


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