The Third Day - Part 2

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I rushed in. His mouth was stuffed with jamuns prepared by my mom. There were only one additional person from his family apart from him. Athimber ( his sister's husband ) remained so calm and silent. Everyone were seated on sofa and looked at me as i entered. I saw him just a sec when he dint even notice me. I ran into my room in shyness. Peeped out from my room to see him. He dint see me this time also. I took back my head and scolded myself for being late though it wasn't my fault. 

I looked into the mirror. My eyes were blurred out in tense. I looked like hen whose feathers were hair dried after a bath. I came out from my room and acted as if i was so cool. Then went into my dad's room and got all set in 2 mins like Maggie. I walked out of the room slowly. Both of us smiled at each other. I also joined the gathering and mingled with their chit chat.  My mom kept offering snacks every 15 mins. Finally we had coffee. Mom smiled at me and said,

There are still more flowers unplucked in the terrace. Can you go and pluck them?

She wasnt requesting me. I was not doing a favour for her. It was in reverse.

If he wishes take karthik also with u na!!

I saw bulbs glowing on his face. I started moving towards the terrace. He followed me like a cat. Weather was so pleasant. It wasn't sweating like the other days. He kept smiling. I started plucking flowers. He asked me to see him. He stood at my back so close. I never reacted. Asked him to stay away from me. He holded my hands and asked you never showed me this mehandhi,  as if he was so much bothered only about my mehandhi.

I released my hands from his holds. He dint know what to do. He stood a little away from me and gazed at the street view. I kept laughing within me as his hands were locked by my negligence and the so called public decency. He realized that i was making fun of him and enjoyed his inability to take further steps in making our relationship sweeter. His face had a lot of expressions. I enjoyed his thavipu. He looked chooo pavam. I kissed him all of  a sudden on his cheeks and returned back to my work. He turned his head facing away from me and he smiled to himself. I also smiled to myself. 

He then got bored and sat down. I almost plucked all the flowers except fora few here and there. He asked me also to sit down beside him. I sat down. He stared at me 

What is this neethu? You are seated so far away. Come close and sit na Please. I said no. 

Nope! What ever you want to talk, talk from there. 

Ok but u are seatd exactly near the small holes made for designs on the wall. You are easily viewable by your mom. She may ask why are you seated down. So just move a little bit and sit. Im telling for your
sake only. 

I got afraid and moved a little. 

He begged me Please please only me na come near me and sit. I will not swollow you. I just want to hold your hands.

 I agreed. Only my hands ok? Only my left hand ok?

Ok ok sure sure. Same thing for you. You should hold only my right hand. You were the one who crossed the boundary drew by you. I'm not responsible for that on any cost. He acted as if he was a nerd and i was the only culprit. 

I got irritated by his sarcastic words.  But still moved further close. Adrenaline started making butterflies in my stomach. I liked being seated close to him. But feared if any one would see me. What if my mom sees me seated so close to him. I would shatter the trust she had on me all this 24 years. I was mixed with emotions. 

He then got hold of my left hand as he was seated to my left. Pulled me a little more closer. Now my shoulder was over his shoulder. I felt a little uncomfortable. Pushed my shoulders back and plugged in my hands into his hands. Now his shoulders were on top of mine. I rested my head over his shoulders. Felt so happy.

I Wish to be like this all day.
Me too Neethu. Please see my eyes na.
No karthik your eyes are so powerfull i feel very shy.
Please Neethu its only me na.. Please.. I love the mole near your eyebrows so much.
I dint turn my head. I blushed.
Please Neethu turn your face Please.
I turned to face him slowly.

All of a sudden he kissed me on my lips. I was completely lost him. Dint know what happened in that few seconds. I heard someone noise. I got afraid and ran back to my plants to pluck the few left overs. He remained seated humming the lines, "Un um endra solukum Im endra solukum Ipodhe thadai vaikava? Mounathil kudivaikava?"

Shut up, i said smiling. 

I completed plucking all the flowers successfully before he started plucking me. We kept changing places and spoke on various things that resembled a bagyaraj's masala movie ( a scene filled with comic, romance, action and sentiment ). I introduced Kathik as my fiancee to my terrace neighbours. I kept talking to them
but he dint. He seemed as if he wanted to live in a world where no one would be there except me and him. 

Finaly we were alone again. I was seated in the small wall that served as an entrance for the second part of the terrace. It was also covered with the climbers. He stood at the back of me and hugged me tightly. I liked being so close to him though initially i felt a little embarrassed. 

He throbbed, "Ayyo Neethu how will i live alone without you? I will not even have chance to smell you again for the next one year. I will not even get a chance to talk with you freely for the next 365 days. I will not get a chance to hug you for the next 52 weeks. Mudilaye Neethu. 

Can we marry tomorrow itself? I realized he was crying inside. I pulled his hands a little more so that there is not even an air gap.

Please don't feel honey. Im not gng to go anywhere. Will always be there with you. I was also sad within. His passionate kiss on my cheeks made me realize i'm just a baby for him. I felt so secured when i was in his hands. 

Sorry i'm going beyond my limits. Lets go down dear. Your parents have lots of faith on us Lets not shatter it. 

He seemed so sweet and responsible when he said it.

We walked down the stairs. I followed him, stood in n+1th step when he was in nth step, placing my hand elbow over his shoulders. 

Will you come to airport to send off me?

Don't know Karthik. If your flight is going to be late night then my parents will not allow me. 

I will ask permission to your dad ok?

Hmmmmmm.. I felt hopeless

People in the hall were so normal. But i experienced vairamuthu's lines, "Kaakai kudha unnai kavanikadhu, Aanal intha ulagamme unnaiye kavanipattai unarvai". 

He had dinner with us, spoke a lot with my parents.

My dad asked Karthik, Do you really love my daughter?

Uncle this question is meaning less. What if i ask you, " Do you really love aunty? "

Karthik she is my wife. We have lived to gether for 25 years.  Yeah i love her so much. But you just know us for a month. And met Neethu just thrice. 

Uncle, the first day when i met Neethu, I have decided she is my wife. She is my better half. And yes! I love her so much than you love aunty. I never believed a relationship that is just 3 days old can make me fall so much into it. The rituals that we are going to perform in the name of wedding are all things that we do to declare to the world that she is my wife hereon and im her hubby. But its not to myself. I don't know how will i live alone without her for an year, without even seeing her. Please uncle even if its late night can you allow Neethu to airport to send me off? 

My Ministry of Home affairs could not reject this request. They nodded their head.

Karthik felt so happy and he left.


Neethu always preferred love marriage than arranged because she believed the guy may not understand her or love her when compared to some one whom she would love. But at the same time she dint want her parents to bend their heads before their relatives in shame. Though love is a paramount of every one's live we still live in a society where love marriages are marked as a symbol of shame. 

All her conclusions has turned to be a myth after she met Karthik, though he was a selection by the "Ministry of Her Home Affairs". 

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