The Third Day

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The Third Meet of Karthik & Nethra

I was driving back home a little late. I was just 5'0 clock. But i had promised to return home by 5.30. Travel would take around 40 mins from my office. Karthik had informed us earlier that he would be reaching my home my 5.30. 

Clock kept ticking along with my heart beat. I kept watching my wrist to note down every minute and to drive accordingly. I was already driving a little rash. But i dint bother. My target was to reach home before Karthik comes. 

Lot of things ran in my mind. Karthik's family may think i was not interested in seeing him if i was late. I would look like a dirty chicken after travelling 10kms in this Chennai traffic. If i enter with such an appearance what would he think of me? I suddenly stopped the bike. There were 5 more kms to reach home. But it would seem like 15 kms in this traffic. I called dad. 

"Has he come?" 

No Neethu...  I think it would take a little more time. You relax and drive slowly.

No wonder parents understands their kids very well even from a single word "Hello". I started driving little peacefully. Now i was all exited to meet him for the third time. I reached home by 5.45. Saw a pink Scooty out of my home. My home has fated to be a cornered one and hence people love parking their vehicles in front of mine. May be the scooty belonged to the parlour lady who was put up opposite of my home. Or may be it was Kathik's too. 

I felt agitated. Parked the bike outside my home and opened the gate. Saw 2 unusual pair of footwear that doesn't belong to my family members. I confirmed Karthik was inn.  I saw dad peeping from the window with a smiling face and loud voice, "Karthik still dint come" . My mom came out smiling. I parked the bike hurriedly and went in. 

Part 2 To Be Continued ...

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