12 Best things Joint Family offers

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Few best things I've enjoyed being in a joint family...

1. People keep talking about something or the other. About the marriages that happened recently, About the marriages that are likely to happen, the fight with the neighbors. I  hear reviews about almost everyone, everything. I never feel bored at all. 

2. The home looks always lively that sometimes i feel i am in midst of  an entertainment park.

3. House hold woks are shared by the members of the family, but there are some creatures like me that doesn't do anything except eating and sleeping. If i feel so bored i do some work.

4. I never feel alone. I would be in an island surrounded by people. 

5. There is always guidance of elders to what ever we do. They correct me at each every point of time though i don't correct myself

6. When parents scold their kids, there is always some thatha / patti to scold the parents and support the kid. ( Mine is a wierd one that proves the mentality of chennaiates. When my mom starts scolding me the entire family joins her including my younger sister without even knowing for what my mom scolds me. Im so pavam )

7. We get to know a lot of things from our family members

8. Children learn the art of sharing
9. Kids begin to be adjustable and reduce their adamency

10. We tend to learn the importance of relationships
11. I get chance to taste a variety of dishes 

12. This is the only place i keep smiling when people scold and shout at me. But sometimes appa's belt makes me cry forcefully 

Sharing my family pics,

Taken few yrs back when i was a kid
                           Best things Joint Family offers
My thatha patti's wedding.
Best things Joint Family offers

Best things Joint Family offers

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