One aspect that I would like to change about Chennai

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This post is part of the blog tag titled, The CBC Tablog - 2, where CBC stands for Chennai Bloggers Club. CBC is the most active blogging community in Chennai and I've always been happy to be a part of it. This blog tag is series where about 30 bloggers from CBC share their thoughts on 'What Aspect of Chennai that I Would Like to Change.' 

Today its my turn to buzz about Chennai.  Thanks to Sushmitha for passing the baton to  me. She is a versatile blogger who blogs through 


There has been constant changes in the food habits of Madarasies. From Mess food to fast foods, from pagodas to pizzas the transformation keeps prolonging. Chennai is a land of varieties. If u need Mexican food yes we have it. If you want to try Chinese yes we have it. If you want to try Arabian food yes we have it. But people have lost patience to eat out because of the congestion at restaurants. There are a very few ( compared to the population ) quality restaurants at Chennai. There are very good restaurants like HSB or Vasantha Bhavan but most people don't prefer them because of the little high price slab.  In the peek hours they are completely crowded. People hurry to catch places. Finally i lose the interest of having my lunch. I wish there are more number of restaurants or we can follow a queue system. 

Secondly the same situation prevails at the bus stops. Tickets can be issued at the bus stops itself instead of issuing them in the buses to make travelling easier.  Further maintaining queues at the bus stops will reduce haphazardness. 

Now I pass on this baton to pudhu maplai of our group shriram acharya who blogs at His blogs talks a lot about science and a little about poetry, polotics and varied topics.


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Idea to issue tickets in the bus stop (maybe using automated kiosks) is a great idea. Something that needs to be passed on to the MTC authorities.

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