Girly - Bucket List

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John: You are very busy now a days.

Me: What to do ? Have lots of things to be done. You boys have nothing to do apart from few shirts and pant,shoes, hair cut, shave. Thats it and the groom would be ready.

John: Same thing for you girls also you just need few sari  thats it..!

Me: Who said we need just sari? Can i tell you list of things we need for getting ready?

Buy Saries
Cut Blouse From Sari And Make Knots
Stitch Blouse
Design The Blouse

Buy Jewels ( Gold and Imitations )

     Short Chain
     Hip Chain
     Nethi Chutti
     Thirugu Poo

Make Up Items 

     Lip Gloss
     Lip Stick
     Lip Liner
     Eye Lash
     Eye Shadow
     Eye Liner
     Eyebrow Pencil
     Nail Polish
Hair Spray
Hair Gel
 Additional Items

     Hair Clips
     Hair Pins
     Sari Pins
     Safety Pins
     Make Up Brush
     Make Up Remover
     Nail Polish Remover
     Hair Bands

A week Before Wedding


Ayoyo Venam Ma Thaye Niruthu ( Pls Stop Your List! )

Apdiva Vazhiku !


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