10 Daunting Things of Moving Abroad

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Living on a foreign land is an exciting thing. We get tempted by their culture, less working hours, huge pays, chocolates, rich girls, white figures.  But the initial days of moving from mother land to foreign country often turns to be a daunting one.
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Huge Paper Work

Visa processing needs a lot of proofs like marksheets, offer letters, relieving letters, marriage certificates, wedding albums, chat histories, passports, passport size photos and the list goes on. These have to be attested by the notary. We need to have additional copies in our mother land to be on a safer side.

Mental Stress

You lose the patience completely, get fed up of all these process. Some times i feel is it so much necessary to move to a foreign land?

Financial Crisis

Everything need money. Right from visa, passport, Shopping. Moving first time to a foreign land you may not get the bank accounts all of a sudden. So you need to leave back cash in home for EMI, Monthly expenses, medical expenses of parents. To add vain, you may not receive my last month salary since it wud be settled under Full and Final Settlement

Roam Around

Once you resign your job, you may feel, you would  have enough time to spend happily at home, eat and sleep. But in reality you won't even get time to have your 3 meal properly. Things need to be done against the clock. You need to be roaming all day here and there for getting things done before you leave.


From A to Z u need to get everything. Medicines, dresses, shoes, utensils, books u need for reference.

Make Friends

We need to get hold of people living on that land through social sites, friends, relative references. Even if you are dumbest fellow who never open your mouth now its time for you to speak up.

Learn to Cook

No matter of a boy or girl you should learn to cook to survive on a foreign land since their food habits won't suit us and it may be costly too. 

Being Independent

Now you must try to act dependantly. You cannot depend your mom anymore for food or to wash clothes. You cannot depend your dad anymore for paying EB Bills or getting provisions. You can no more depend on your bro /sis to do your assignments.

Manage present and future life

Incase you are still working, you need to process your resignation, get through exit interviews, receive relieving letters, experience certificates, follow up your final settlements

Feel of Loneliness

After you have done everything, you give a great sigh. All you would be left with a day or two with no work to do,  except to share your feelings with your parents, BF/GF. Yes! you will be missing them for ever. At least for 6 months to one year until you are back to home town. All that you can do is skype, whatsapp, email or call. How ever one may not be able to experience sisters / bro's fights and plays, mummy's pinches, dad's scoldings, lover's kisses :( or old granny's vetti advices.

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