A healthy child makes a happy home.

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As rightly said health is the real wealth and not the gold and silver pieces. When i hear my neighbour aunty scold her kid not to eat icecreams or chocolates as she may fall sick, i was able to visualize myself and my mom in that scene. 

Varsha : Haiya Chocolates

Radha : No you will fall sick

Varsha : Mummy please only one please 

Radha : No way 

Parents are not against kids for having chocolates or icecreams always. They want their kid to stay healthy and not to fall sick. If my mom falls sick only my dad cares for her. If my dad falls sick only my mom cares for her. But if i fall sick the entire home will be sad. There won't be anyone to do mischievous things. There won't be any one to shout and run around the home. Instead their little princess would be quietly lying over the couch. 

It was then my mom got me chyawanprash that would raise the immune system of kids to fight against any illness. I felt that looked like legiyam and would taste very bad. To my surprise it was mixed with honey and was so sweet. I had a feel of eating diwali legiyam that my mom would prepare, spending 3-4 hours for preparing the dish

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