Memory Down the Lane

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It was drizzling outside. I was seated in my balcony, sipping filter coffee, admiring nature. Karthik came silently like a cat. He hugged me from my back. He whispered.

 Your skin has shrunk a little than the previous week honey!

Do you still think i'm in my 20's? I'm 80 now.

Oh yes! but i don't realize that at all. Every time i hug you i feel like i'm hugging you for the first time in my life.

Do you remember when you hugged me first? ( smiling )

Hmmm Ya  . 55 years before

It was an arranged love marriage. Like Chetan said it wasn't that difficult. Nethra liked the boy. Karthik loved Nethra. Nethra's parents liked Karthik. Karthik's parents liked Nethra. More than this we shouldn't expect in a marriage. The boy's parents and the girl's parents will never like each other at any cost may it be arranged or love. They just pretend.


After engagement,

Hi Neethu ! Received your pictures! ( on watsapp ). You look awesome.

Thanks! So as you!

Hey you wear a chain always is it?

You mean the thin gold chain? Oh yes. Why all of a sudden you ask this?

Nope Just asked. ( Smiling )

Tell me ya

Il tell but you will start blushing.

That is OK tell please ( blushing )

Ok. Just imagine what ever i tell. You are seated alone in your room.

Why do you give so much build up? Tell me quickly da.

Wait! You girls don't have patience at all. You are seated alone in your room. I just come close to you from your back.

Then ?

I pull your chain with my lips. You can now feel my breathe as i'm so close to you. I kiss you on your neck. Blow on your ears and neck.

He mesmerized me. I trembled and said Kaaarthiiik. Don't Blow. Its doing something inside me Pleassseeee.
I could hear only his voice. I was closing my eyes. He hypnotized me with his romantic hush tone.

And then i turn you towards me. I kiss you on your forehead  Then on your eyes. And then on your cheeks.
And then on your nose. And now......

He was silent. I was not out of his spell for a minute. My dirty mind kept imagining. I Then I realized he has stopped talking. I opened my eyes blushing.

Now i hug you so tight. Your chin placed over my shoulders. My chin placed over your shoulders. Just imagine. Wow

Karthik stop it please. You are going beyond your limits. I smiled.

Ok! I stopped. ( Smiling ).


Years passed by. 

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