20 Naughty things done in my childhood

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Here are 20 naughty things that i did during my childhood. But i do most of them even now :)

1. Peeling stickers

2. Bursting bubble wrappers

3. Balancing a switch so that its neither on nor off

4. Walking on rail track without falling

5. Counting the dotted separators on roads

6. Hiding vegetable pieces under the plate 

7. Peeping through the window of train when the track bends

8. Sharpening pencil so that the tip is always sharp, and having the shavings as a crown on the pencil end

9. Waiting for a drizzle to appear and wear sandals instead of shoes

10. Wiping the ink on hair
11. Cutting the ribbon into two half's if I loose another ribbon
12. Closing the fridge only to see when the light turns off
13. Walking on bare foot
14. Climbing the slider from bottom to top
15. Acting as if I sleep when mom and dad talks a secret
16. When ink eraser disappears using normal eraser by licking it
17. Not knowing where to go simply roaming with cycle
18. Getting commission fr all small jobs done
19. Counting the number of holidays i might get that year, as soon as i receive my school dairy
20. Signing the leave letters with my mom's signature

A few more to come.

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