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Everyone's face were glowing. There were talks around the office. When are you leaving today? Oh you booked a flight ticket ? That's awesome!, But i've managed to get a seat in bus.. I'm yet to pack my bag machi. Dude look here, got these for my people. Oh I'l have to leave early today before i get struck up in traffic. How many days are u off? 

Everyone had their own reasons to worry for but they were all exited that there is going to be a week off.. Yeah its Pongal. Until this year Pongal meant to me was only fun with cousins, neighbors, watching the long pooja performed by my grandpa, not so eager about the pooja but eagerness in getting the vadai after neivedhyam ( offering to God ), meeting up friends at home, visiting temples, wearing a new dress , people appraising that i look awesome in the new dress..

But will there be a pongal without all these? Without celebrations, no one to tell my dress s nice, no pooja, no people, no fun, a thala pongal ( 1st pongal after marriage ) without the main hero ( my hubby ). There was no function at my home since my grandpa expired that year. Karthik was out of country for his job. He left India after 7 days being with me after marriage. We lived together only for 7 days exactly. 8th day he was already flying away from me. I was staying at my home instead of my mother in law's home as my office was nearby my home. 

I was asked to visit my mother in law on the day of Pongal. People were strictly ordering me that I should wear only sari when I visit my mother in law's home as it is a festival day. I am not keen towards sari though I know I would look pretty in the ethnic attire. I liked sari for the only reason that Karthik loves me to see in sari. But he himself was not there beside me, hence I lost interest in dressing up in ethnic style. After so many enforcement  I wore the sari. My mom clicked numerous pics and sent to Karthik. I felt very happy that he said, " You look so pretty in this sari!! But why do you look sad? If u had smiled you would look more beautiful". Then I took more selfiees with all smiles, and sent him. He made one of those pics as his Whats-App profile picture. While returning back to my home, my mother in law gave me a new green and pink dress as a pongal gift. I was even more happy to receive it from a person who was fighting scolding me all the other days. 

I kept narrating every scene to Karthik over phone while i was returning home. I was very happy. And i hope that this happiness continues  life long, and i hope to join my hubby soon ( fingers crossed for my visa )

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