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I was in my final year. Like all students, I also faced through all mock interviews conducted by my college. I was one among  the top 10 students of my department. So the IT firm waived off the aptitude rounds for the toppers, thinking they are the most smartest people on planet earth. 

I got in to the company by October after five months of wait from pass out. The company is termed as largest IT Firm of India. Initial days were all joyful, new place with same old friends, same chit chats. But the spell did not last for more than 3 months. We were all mapped to different domains and different streams. All my friends got through a project, while i was still sitting on bench gazing at professionals who walk-by.  This continued for nearly five to six months. 

By June I was allocated a project. I din't like the nature of work allocated to me. It was very monotonous. I was made to sit from morning 10 am till nit 10 pm for that monotonous boring work. My team mates who are all experienced guys will come only by 12.50, and go for lunch by 1. They will come back by 2.30 and then assign work for me. Since I was dependent on the office cab, I need to go by morning 10 and sit idle until 2.30. Then start doing that monotonous work until 10PM. Good luck or bad luck, the project got failed by October. Again I was in the bench. But this time I was happy because I can go home early.

While travelling I was thinking if this is the life that is going to be prolonging what will be my future? Where will I stand after a few years. I din't learn anything from here in this one year. If I go out of this firm now people will think that i'm a one year experienced guy. But literally I don't know anything. How can I go and tell them I have done just excel sheet job all this time and was on bench the remaining days?. If I had to quit this firm I need to pay a bond amount. I need to clear an interview in some other company. But how will I do that? I was so frustrated. 

I updated my resume after an year and uploaded it on naukri. After a month I got a call from a small firm. I went and attended the interview. I spoke with the CEO and told the truth that I dint learn anything in the previous company. You may think me as a dull head, but still I want to tell you the truth. But i assure you I can learn any technology in a short time. I attended the Aptitude round and cleared it. I din't have technical rounds at all. CEO was happy with my frankness and truthfulness, and my curiosity to learn things rather than money motivated. There was not big increase in my package, anyhow i was not bothered about my salary. The company dealt with business analytic. I was confused because it was a very very small firm of around 100 employees only. Will I be able to cope up in that small crowd? Will SAP be valuable? I know there won't be appraisals as I would get in the big firm. Anyhow all I wanted is to learn something through which I want to progress in my career and not to depend upon the annual appraisals. 

I put paper in the big firm, and came out in 10 days. Joined in the new firm by March. Now I've completed one year in this company. I've learnt a lot than if I would be with the former employer. My salary now is also almost equal to what my friends get in other companies. My daring decision and hard work has changed my life happy and peaceful with flexible work time, good salary and loving colleagues. 

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 Update :

The first company was TCS.  And my Second company was Visual Bi. Its almost 1.5 years before i wrote this post, after which i quit my job from VBi as i migrated to Sydney. Thinking back to the old memories in VBi the journey in the company was always amazing. Technically, i have grown atleast 10% than before joining the company, and in this 2 years the company has grown 200% . Though im no more a part of this firm, i always feel that this is my company, and feel happy for its growth.


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That is an awesome determination, and is something that is truly achievable.
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