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Wow! Time just arrived for me to leave my singara chennai. Me and Karthik were busily packing stuffs. Our home were filled with people that day to bid bye to us. We were all done . Time was 8.30 and we boarded into a call taxi. The driver dropped us at the aiport. Drivers think who ever gets down at the airport or boards in from an airport are all multi millionaire having bundles of money in the cabin baggages. They dont realize it is just filled with parupu podi, sambar podi, vathal, milaga podi, appalam, cooker, mixy and all stuffs. :p

Taxi bill amount was 329. Karthik took 4 hundred rs. from his valet. I gave a 50re note hence he placed one 100re note back into his and asked for the balance. The driver was expecting 400 rs for 329 so that he can tell no change, and people would tell okay keep the balance. As we gave 350 for 329 he got angry, he argued, give me exactly 29 Rs. or else i won't take it. Karthik's face turned red, he shouted,  if you want take it or else no issues and forcefully pushed money into his hands.

We then finished the initial immigration processes and had an hour of talk with our parents, relatives and friends. Girls parents and boys parents never go in hand with each other. There seemed an upcoming storm between them but as we saw the thunder and lightning in their face we said bye and came in :p. Oh yes as usual there was a sentimental crying scene. This is a mandatory custom in send off party. My parents and my friends were in tears, not even a drop came from my eye. I waved my hands from the final security check gate, and came in. 

I was so happy to travel with karthik. Suddenly tears rolled down my cheeks. I don't know why, I started feeling sad a bit :(. I was rather afraid. Holding my parents hands all these years, now they will no more be in my life, a new life starts with my hubby, i have to be matured, take care of my own, cook my own food, no one will be there to wake me up, there won't b silly fights for dress and every thing with my sisi, few year i'l become a parent myself, i must nurture and care him/her like my amma and appa did, i must take care of my hubby. While all these kept running in my mind, karthik held my hands inside his, made me rest on his shoulders, and said don't worry dear; I read your mind, I can take care of you like ur dad and mom, do everything for you, you are after all my first kid.:) Now let me get your favourite orange juice for u *if u smile... :)

My parents have taken disguise of Karthik here on...


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