Charming Photographic Spots in Sydney

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Photography has been my hobby and passion for the past few years. I love wandering with my camera at different places. What else is more pacifying for a photo lover like me than to be at picturesque location? Here are a few locations of Sydney where anyone can take awesome pictures.  

1. Sea cliff bridge

This bridge forms as an en-route to Wollongong from the Sydney City. The bridge runs for about 2 kms over the sea that forms a fantabulous view

2. Bay view park

15 kms from the city, this is a place to cherish and have fun over the weekends. This park offers kayaking. Also the shores seem to be a small beach that is indeed enjoyable and safe for kids to play. 

3. La perouse

An ideal photo spot, La perouse is filled with varied sizes and texture of  rocks along the shore. The path to barren island is its major highlight that no one will miss out.

4. Opera House

Needless to say about the opera house and harbor bridge

5. Harbor

6. Bondi Cogee walk

Walking a stretch of 5 kms from Bondi beach to Cogee beach, along the shores of the sea is an awesome experience especially during the spring season, when the entire walkway is filled with colorful flowers

So ready with your camera ???

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