Grilled Corn on the Cob - Beach Style

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Sweet Corn

Corn is my all time favorite snack.. I love it when it is all grilled as done in the beach. A beach visit never gets fulfilled without having a cup of sundal and grilled corn... 

Here is how you make it.

* Get a whole sweet corn with the cob
* Break the corn into two half's if it is very big
* Pierce an old knife at the bottom of the corn
* Now in the gas/burner keep it in a low flame and grill the corn 
* Grill it evenly on all sides.
* Once it is grilled remove the knife from the corn
* For spicing it up, add a little pepper powder, a pinch of salt, little chilli powder, use lemon , dip the lemon in the spicy mixture, and apply it all over the corn.

Variant 2 - Microwave.

* Peel the corn and chop it into two half's.
* Place it in a Bowl of water so that the corn is fully immersed into it
* Add little salt to the water
* Microwave it for 10 mins at 600 degrees
* Note that by this method the corn will be cooked it will not be grilled
* You can also use your pressure cooker to cook the corn. 

You can also watch this in a video format how i make grilled corn.

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