Orange juice with Lime Squeezer

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I love extracting juice from fresh fruits. Any bottled juice taste is incomparable to the  freshly squeezed juice with  no added preservatives or sweeteners.  

Orange juice with lime squeezer

I generally do not prefer to buy bottled juices as it is filled with sugars,  preservatives, artificial sweeteners, coloring and so on rather than the fruit extract which is very unhealthy for our health.

So here is how i make fresh orange juice at home .  Generally we extract citrus juice with the citrus juicer. But i've tried making it with a lime squeezer and loved it its kind of fast and easy method. Try this and let me know your feedback.

* Cut the oranges into slices
* Keep it into the lime squeezer and crush it
* Repeat the step with all orange pieces.
* Also try squeezing 2 squeezed orange slices together as it may put more pressure and helps to extract more juice.

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