Photo Spots in Sydney Australia

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When ever we visit a place we always want to take good quality pictures of the landmarks of that area, selfies, landscape pictures and posting them on social sites like instagram , facebook , twitter, keeping them as DP's on whatsapp to depict your pride of visiting those dazzling places. 

They not only serve as our pride, but also a good memory and experience visiting such amusing spots. 
Photograhy locations in Sydney Australia

In my previous post i have given a detailed explanation of where you can visit in Sydney to take great pictures.  I have created a video for the same in a video format which i will be linking below.

So here are the places.

1. Opera House
2. Darling Harbour
3. Bay view park 
4. Sea Cliff Bridge
5. La perouse
6. Sydney Eye Tower

7. Coggee Bondi Walk
8. Bridge Walk - Harbour Bridge

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