10 Things to do as soon as you migrate into Sydney

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Its been quite a while that i wrote a post. Getting settling down in a new land wasn't as easy as i thought of. Luckily i had my hubby to guide me with all the process and formalities. But after 6 months, now when looking back it isn't that tedious settling up in Sydney if u know in advance just a hand full of information, about the cards, where and how to get them. Here is all u need to do as soon as u land here.

1. Buy a Opal Card - Opal Cards are travelling cards. U can get opal cards in any of recharge shops  or news agency nearby the station where u reside. There is no fee for the card. But u need to do a minimum top up of 5-10$ initially. When ever u travel in a bus, train or a ferry all u need is to tap on when u enter, and tap off when u leave. Based upon distance traveled the amount is deduced automatically from your card. You can also recharge your card at recharge shops, news agencies or recharge machines available in the stations with your debit/credit cards.

2. Medicare - Medicare Card is issued for medical purposes. You need to apply for a medicare card at the medicare office by filling up a form. You need to show id proof and address proof for verification. Before applying for medicare card you need to open a bank account as they will be asking for the bank account number. Once all that is done, the card will be issued to your mentioned residential address. When you visit a doctor, u need to show them the medicare card to get your subsidy. In bulk billing centers you pay 0$. All the doctor fee, lab test fee are given by the government directly to the doctors. In non bulk billing centers, u need to pay around 50$ as a consultation fee, of which nearly 35$ will be reimbursed to your bank account.

3. TFN number  - TFN is Tax Filing Number. This is similar to the PAN card that is issued in India. One can apply for the TFN in Australian Taxation Office ( ATO ) website. You need to fill up your personal details and submit online. That's it. You will receive the TFN number to your residential address within 30 days from the date of submission. Incase you din't receive within 30 days, you can call up ATO , check for the status, and proceed accordingly. TFN will be helpful, once you start off with your job. 

4. Tripview Lite - This is a real time mobile app that anyone can download from play store for free. This app lets you enter the source and destination stations / stops and gives the transport schedules. This app is suitable for all transport modes like train, bus and ferry. There are few other apps. But personally i have not used them.

5. Open Bank account -  There are huge number of banks available in Sydney like ANZ, Westpac, Common Wealth Bank, etc. You can visit any of the bank nearby your location and get an account opened in a day. 

6. Know your nearby shops - Walk around your area streets to know the shops nearby. I have seen almost all essential shops like groceries, medicines, provisions in the neighborhood of train stations. So its very easy to find out shops that suit you. Also every area has an Indian shop, where you can get almost all Indian provisions right from idly rice to sambar powder. Find more about Indian shops in Sydney here.

7. Get My Post card - My post card is used as a proof of residence in Australian Post and other places as well. To obtain this you can go to the nearby Post shop along with your passport and rental agreement. Once a form is filled up, and your documents are verified, the card will get delivered to your residential address within 7 working days.  Why do you need My Post Card? Check here.

8. Drivers License - Though this is not of high priority, its good that one have a valid driver's license. To get this you need to know the driving rules and clear few written and driving tests. ( I know its kadups of India :p But no other go )

9. Choose a rental home - Rental homes can be chosen online easily via websites like domain.au or realestate.com.au. Once you have rented a home, the agent or the owner  will provide you with  rental agreement that can be used as a address proof. 

10. Get a GP for yourself - There are plenty of Indian Doctors available in Sydney. You can search for them via google, and have in had a gp that will suit your needs and near your place.

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