Child's Birthday Party - A Good Fortune for upcoming photographers?

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I love taking pictures. Its been my hobby for quite some time. From 2px camera to 5px camera to point and shoot and now to a SLR my photo equipment have been changing and which has let to amazing photos. 

Looking at all my pics a friend of mine asked me to make a birthday coverage for her kid's 1st birthday party. I readily accepted the offer but was in a cold feet. I've not done anything professional so far. 

The previous night i glanced through a lot of birthday party photographs of many great photographers which made me even more worried. I wondered if i could take some amazing pics like them. But then my hubby cheered me up telling try to give your best. This is just your first shoot. So don't worry there will be flaws but we can try to learn from them for the next time.                         

On the day of birthday, I was even more agitated as the kid was not enthusiastic. He was moody throughout the party as he had lack of sleep. But i kept clicking the best possible photos that i can do.                           

After editing all the pics, i was partially satisfied with the results. Offlate I'm into making YouTube videos. So i planned to make a video out of the pics that resulted in awesome results. Everyone loved the video and there was appraisal showers for me the entire week. I realized one thing. However messy your outcomes are, any pic with kids cute expressions ( any expression of any kid is always cute :) ) always results in awesome pictures. 

See the video below for the entire album . . .


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I read this blog now only Gayu...
Thanks a ton for helping us to keep the best memories of our child's first birthday party...
You will be remembered forever...


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