DIY Hair Mask for Frizzy Dry and Damaged Hair

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For many of us frizzy hair is a daily pain. It might be because of heat damages , low moisturized harsh chemical bleach , or unsuited products . For a few like me, frizzy dry hair is by nature. :( It was always frustrating to see someone having hair silky soft smooth and straight. 

DIY Hair Mask for Frizzy dry and damaged hair before and after
But there is a remedy for all this and it was made wonders on my hair. I've been using the mask about once a week and had good results with just 3 simple ingredients banana , egg and olive oil.

Bananas :  Banana is great to strengthen hair. It also minimizes breakage  and repairs damaged hair. Bananas are great to restore hair’s 
natural elasticity as it is rich in lot of minerals and it is composed 80% of water . This also helps in conditioning your hair naturally

Egg :   Eggs are rich in sulphur that helps to promotes hair growth. It aids in maintaining natural oils of the hair.  The proteins of the egg makes the hair follicles stronger. IT also moisturize and conditions hair.

Olive Oil : Olive Oil is used to moist and strengthen hair. It helps to reduce split ends and cures dandruff . It also acts as a great treatment for flaky scalp

How to make : 

* Peel the banana skin, chop into pieces and add it into a blender.
* Blend it into a smooth paste
* To the yummy banana paste, add 2-3 tb spoons of olive oil.
* And add an whole organic egg.
* Beat all the mixture into a smooth paste
* Apply this mask and leave it for 45 mins
* Rinse off with Shampoo and conditioner.

Check the video for more info.

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